Strawberry Cake


I love strawberries and found this yummy looking strawberry cake recipe so I had to give it a try. Unfortunately, I don’t yet know how it came out because I donated it to a nursing home. I’ll update with the verdict once I hear back.

Update: So the report I received about the cake was “not your best”. I guess it wasn’t sweet enough. I might not have put enough honey? Ah well, for every success there are a few failures and that is how we learn!

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Sunday May 5 @ 05:27pm
Traditional Apricot Cake

Before I get into this incredible cake recipe I’d like to thank my beautiful girlfriend for keeping this blog alive while I’ve been ridiculously busy with my new job and school. Thank you beautiful <3 

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Thursday Apr 4 @ 11:00am
Cinnamon Roll Cake

I stumbled upon this recipe for Cinnamon Roll Cake and thought it looked pretty good so I gave it a try. Definitely a yummy dessert.

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Monday Mar 3 @ 12:18am
Pear and Chocolate Cake

I bought some pears last week due to an ongoing craving and, because they were getting ripe really fast, I thought I’d use my remaining ones in a nice little cake. Good decision, me. This cake was super yummy (especially with a glass of peach passion champagne). And it’s good for chocolate lovers too. Original recipe here.

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Saturday Feb 2 @ 10:59pm
Lemon Coconut Cake

This is one of those recipes that I tried based on the ingredients I had laying around (original recipe here). But it turned out really good so I donated it to my mother’s nursing home. Coconutty with just a hint of lemon.

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Sunday Jan 1 @ 03:54pm
Red Velvet Cake Balls

Sometimes I bake treats for the patients and staff at the nursing homes where my mom works. Because the patients don’t normally get exciting treats, I decided to try something different this time by making red velvet cake balls (original recipe here). I received good reviews.

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Monday Jan 1 @ 09:00pm
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